About Doug Bales

The youngest of three brothers born to an Army Officer and a School Teacher. Both parents Scot and Presbyterian.

Raised on a farm in southern New Mexico without television or radio. 

Graduated 13/438 from Mayfield High School in 1981.

Enlisted in the Army in 1982 at the age of 18.

Commissioned Second Lieutenant and Distinguished Military Graduate from Officer Candidate School two years later (20 years of age). 

Served three years as an Air Defense Artillery Officer before leaving active duty to join Merrill Lynch as a Financial Consultant.

Served in Army Reserve another 7 years to the rank of Captain, a Battery Command and final posting at Ft Leslie J McNair, Military District of Washington, D.C. where I served on the Presidential Inaugural Committee for the first of the Clinton events among other fun assignments.

Moved to Oregon in 1990 with a love of the outdoors and the desire to raise my children in this environment.  Got skis and a drift boat as soon as I could afford them. Had my kids on skis at three and five.


Renovated 4+ houses in downtown Eugene. Most recently a magnificent 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow. A lot of satisfaction from restoring homes over the years. Great lessons about real estate, finance and timing. Have had the good fortune to work with gifted artists and craftsmen.

Spent 28 years working in the Citizens Building (10th and Oak Street) on three different floors for two firms whose names changed dozens of times. Had a new box of cards almost every year with a new corporate name and logo. Merrill, Shearson, Lehman, Hutton, Smith Barney, Citi, Wachovia and Wells-Fargo. 


All the while living in the downtown neighborhood, walking to work.

The chaos of the last 30 years in the finance, banking and investment industry had little effect on my daily routine or my client relationships.

My clients have taken this journey with me. Their wisdom and loyalty has been a great gift.

The lessons learned from these amazing people have led to whatever success I now enjoy.


Mentoring has always been a part of my professional routine.

Accepting guidance from competent people and sharing lessons whenever requested is a good way to live.

I employ/distract a student intern when available through the U of O School of Business. These last three terms I am blessed with a pair of MBA students who have opened my eyes to Global Business models.  

Enthusiastic student energy is a great resource and these guys give me hope for the future.  

I serve our community through a variety of Rotary projects and 7 years at the helm of the Egan Warming Center Project.  

It has been my personal challenge to step up and and serve when asked if possible without conflict in my current obligations. 

This idiom has led to service on various Boards and committees over the years.

Never been my strength or preference, but the opportunity to serve some amazing organizations with terrific people makes it worthwhile.

Community Service has brought me in contact with a huge spectrum of people in our community. 

By and large they are generous, talented, diligent and helpful.

Even the most troubled seem to be trying most of the time.



More than any other experience, the Egan Warming Center project convinced me to leave the enormous institutional corporate environment and start my own practice. 

Small flexible organizations are more adaptable and responsive.

As it turns out, they aren't that hard to manage with technological and communications tools available these days.


I was fortunate enough to attend an event associated with the Global Domination Summit in Portland a few years ago. The Summit promotes and facilitates completely portable business management. This provides a completely mobile lifestyle requiring a phone, a laptop and a connection. 

I have dealt with client business and crises from the jungle, beach and from the Mountaintop Clinic in India. Mobile phones keep me available all over the world, which is the


to my clients. 

Owning a business means that you are always on the job.

After 30 years of responding to client needs, research, moving money and meetings, my daily routine remains pretty consistent.  Blogging and editing this web site are new to the weekly task list.


These days I can be found most of the year living on the McKenzie River in a modest house above Vida with my beautiful wife Haley. We have spent a lot of the last ten years renovating and improving this place.  We have two beagles, Lucy and Lola. 


Haley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with her own Private Practice in Downtown Eugene.

She is a gifted counselor and fantastic wife.


We love boating and rafting on whitewater.

We particularly enjoy the Wild and Scenic Rogue River and upper McKenzie River. Have spent many summer weeks in Alaska and Canada boating and fishing remote water. 

When the weather turns colder, we can be found on the Escalera al Cielo ridgeline overlooking the Ballena Coast of Costa Rica. We completed Phase 1 of the project and have it on VRBO.com as a vacation rental when we are not down there. 

Building in Costa Rica has been a great challenge as we imported the building materials (teak and marble) from Bali.

Haley has been very patient with this process. 

Another goal that has come to pass due to a combination of luck, persistence and stubborn willpower. 

The Dream Suite can be found here.

Future plans include surfing and diving in tropical waters all over the world. We also plan to return to the Mountaintop Clinic in India where we have spent time learning yoga and Ayurvedic Science for our mental, physical and spiritual health.