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Loving Apple

"Unlike Forrest Gump, I was not an "early adopter" Apple investor. I used an IBM personal computer at work and at home I used a PC that was built by an IT friend. I was aware that Macs were preferred by artists and designers, but I never considered buying an Apple computer or making an investment in Apple. As I described at the beginning of the article, that changed when I bought an iPhone in 2008, followed by Mac computers."

Like this author, my sons' iPod led to my iPhone and now we own no less than a dozen Mac products in our household.

We rely on the devices for our businesses, entertainment and collecting memories. We also enjoy the seamless video between phone, computers and TV.

We also own the stock, which has more than paid for our devices over the last decade.

This article linked HERE lays out the investment case for Apple, which will remain in our portfolios.

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