• Doug Bales with a hat tip to the New York Times

Equifax Data Breach

Getting a lot of questions about the Equifax data breach.

This is a great time to remind folks that online data is not secure.

It never was and it never will be.

The advent of Quantum Computing means it is only a matter of time before all forms of encryption on passwords and PIN numbers are vulnerable.

The BEST way to keep your money safe is to minimize the number of credit accounts you have and monitor them closely.

Use your bank cash or debit card sparingly and only at well known bank or credit union ATMs.

Have a PayPal or online credit account that you only use online that is not tied to your bank accounts.

Check to insure your liability is limited on the account you keep and most important: MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNTS REGULARLY!

Time is not your friend if you are exposed to a hack or fraudulent use of your cards. Most cards have a limit on how long you have to declare fraud and deny purchases.

There is no better protection available than your attention!

Read this story in the New York Times to get more perspective and a little upset by the end game of this breach.

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